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5i8               HISTORY OF PERSIA

Song of the Reed, by Edward Henry Palmer.   8vo.    1877.
 Strabo, Geographica, translation by H. C. Hamilton and W. Falconer,

3 vols.   Small 8vo.    1854-57.
Sumer and Akkad, History of, by Leonard William King.   Large 8vo,

 Sword of Islam, by Sir Arthur Naylor Wollaston,   8vo.    1905,

Tabari, Works of.

Tamburlalne the Groat, by Christopher Marlowe.

Ten Thousand Miles in Persia, by Lieut. -Col. Percy Molesworth

Sykes.    8vo.   1902.
Texts and Versions of John de Piano Carpini and William de Riibruquis,

edited by Charles Raymond Beazlcy (Hakluyt Society).    8vo.


Thousand Tears of the Tartars, by E. H. Parker.   Svo.    1895.
Three Brothers, The; Travels of Sir Anthony, Sir Robert and Sir Tk

Sfarky.   Small Svo.    1825.

Through Persia on a $ide-$aadle, by Ella Constance Sykes,   Svo.   1898,
Tour to Skeeraz, by Edward Scott Waring.   410.   1807.
"Travels and Researches in Chaldaea and Susiana, by William Kennett

Loftus.   Svo.    1857,

Travels in Baloochistan and Sinde, by Sir Henry Pottinger.   410.   1816.
"Travels in Georgia, Persia, etc., by Sir Robert Kcr Porter.   2 vols.

4to.   1821-22.
'Travels of Pedro Teixeira, edited by W. F. Sinclair and D. Ferguson

(Hakluyt Society).   Svo.   1902.
Travels of Venetians in Persia (Hakluyt Society),
Treasure of the Qxus, by 0, M. Dalton.   4to,    1905.

Isfahan, by Pierre Loti,   Svo.   1911.
Veterum Persarum et Parthorum et Medorum Religionis Historia, by
Thomas Hyde.   4to.   1760.
Voyage dans f Empire Othoman, UEgypte et la Perse, by Guillaume
Antoine Olivier.   6 vols.   Svo.    1801-7.
"Voyages of Diago Cao and Bartholomew Dias," by Ernst Georg
Ravenstein, Journal Royal Geographical Society, vol. xvi. pp,
Words and Places, by Isaac Taylor.   Small Svo.    1864.
Zohrai the Hostage, by James J. Morier.   3 vols.   Small Svo.   1832.
Zoroaster, by Professor A. V* Williams Jackson.   Svo.   New York,